10 Ways Women Can Double Weight Loss – Secrets To Shed 14 Pounds in 14 Days

You will not believe these 10 secrets that can help women literally DOUBLE their weight loss. I’m sure everyone has packed on a few extra pounds over the colder seasons, but now it’s time to get ready for summer! Keep reading and get ready to slim down 🙂

Nowadays, talking about ‘going on a diet’ makes many people cringe. The words that come to mind are deprived, starving and sad existence. That’s because many people still believe the age-old myth that to lose weight, you need to stop eating and die exercising. Well, let us tell you once and for all, that is just so wrong!

Truth is, if you want to shed more pounds effectively, you need to be eating four to five meals regularly in a day and, just so you know, it involves a very colorful diet. Starving yourself of the nutrients your body needs to function properly will only get you sick. A balanced diet and workout routine is the key to get to the body you want.

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, then read on and follow these 10 simple steps we’ve summed up for you. It might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

1Have A Balanced Diet

Make sure to include all food groups in your diet but choose what you eat as well. Have a variety of fruits and vegetables, good lean meat, and whole-grain carbohydrates. Incorporating all these into your daily diet ensures you get the right amount of nutrients for all your body processes. The fibre you gain promotes proper digestion thus aiding in weight loss. Don’t starve your body of what it needs to make sure it’s always in tip top shape. That’s the first weight loss secret we’re sharing with you.

2Plan When You Eat

Studies have shown that people who have specific times when they eat in a day are leaner than those who eat irregularly. Planning the times you eat throughout your day and ensuring that the food you have is beneficial to your body are both important in ensuring a healthy diet. Having snacks in between your big meals could also promote a faster metabolism and aide in proper digestion. Keep that in mind when planning your daily meals.

3Make Sure You Have Variety In Your Meals

When it comes to what you eat, change it up often. Having the same thing over and over again slows down your metabolism and make you store up more fat. Change what you eat regularly to rev up your metabolism and keep your body challenged. This also ensures that your body is receiving the right amount of nutrients from the difference in diet and has enough fuel to burn up when you start exercising.

4Give Yourself Treat Days

Don’t feel guilty over a bowl of ice cream. Once in a while, it’s good to treat yourself with the food you want to eat. Not only does it serve as celebration for the changes you’ve already achieved with your body, it also serves as motivation. You know that next time you’re feeling really good about what you’ve already accomplished, you can enjoy a plate of nachos to celebrate. Work hard, play hard.

5Gender Matters

If you’re on the health journey as a team, you need to know this. Men and women – our sizes, shape and dietary needs are all completely different. Don’t expect to have the same results. Men need to eat more, sweat faster and build muscle more effectively; women, on the other hand, have leaner figures, need less calories to feel satisfied, thus, need to burn fewer calories to reach their weight goals. You can’t expect to have the same results. Work together but be kind to yourselves and find a plan that fits your needs. You will get to where you want to be in no time if you keep persisting.

6Ditch The Fad

Regularly, a new diet or weight loss trend is introduced to the market for health enthusiasts to check out and try. Many fall for the trap and, yes, end up losing a good amount of weight. What happens though when you end the diet and go back to your old lifestyle? We’ll let you guess.

Eating a balanced diet and sticking to it is still the best way to lose excess weight and keep it off. Pair that off with an activity that you can sustain and hopefully enjoy doing and your own your way to achieving the body you want. Ditch the fad and stick to the real deal. You can’t go wrong that way.

7Check Out Food Delivery Services

If you’re extremely busy and have too much on your plate to effectively plan a healthy diet and prepare for it, there are options for you. Food delivery services are available out there that will plan for you and bring to your doorstep the food that you need. You can have it prearranged to your liking – prepared weekly, only on weekdays, or even daily. Find the program that fits you best and go for that.

Don’t sacrifice your health. If you’re too busy, go for a nutritious food delivery service that will save you the hassle.

8Choose The Favorites

After picking out the food delivery system that works best for you, spend some time checking out their menu. Look for the dishes that are popular with their customers and have good reviews. Why? Well, not only would they probably taste the best, but they also would be the most balanced and nutritious. Read the feedback given by customers who have had it before trying it out for yourself.

9Money Back Guarantee, Always

Why is this necessary? Well, for starters, if they are sure about their product then that wouldn’t be a problem for the company offering the service, would it?

Dieters and weight watchers are serious about what they eat and its nutritional benefits to their bodies. They count calories and cost at the same time. Companies who offer healthy meal options should live up to their consumers expectations, and if not, should give them the option of their money back. Reputable establishment have this service – trust them and you won’t be sorry.

10Keep It Simple