11 Terrible Mistakes That Make Women Fat – Stop These And Lose 7 Pounds

Many of us believe that skipping a meal could greatly benefit our diet and speed up the process of getting to our desired weight. That is so wrong! For starters skipping a meal slows down our metabolism and signals our body to store fat due to hunger. This in turn leads to weight gain.

Habits – these are the things that we do regularly, either consciously or unconsciously, that usually become a part of our everyday routine. We aren’t aware of it, but the habits that we form, whether positive or negative, can greatly impact our lives. This is true for our health as well.

Let’s take a look at some possible habits you have formed that could be causing you to pack on unwanted pounds.

1Skipping Meals

Many of us believe that skipping a meal could greatly benefit our diet and speed up the process of getting to our desired weight. That is so wrong! For starters skipping a meal slows down our metabolism and signals our body to store fat due to hunger. This in turn leads to weight gain. Also, a study has shown that when we do not eat at the proper time and allow our bodies to go hungry, there is a greater chance of us over eating on our next meal. Also, we are less likely to choose what we eat, causing us to eat anything and everything on sight. Still planning to skip breakfast tomorrow morning??

We suggest eating a balanced diet and at the proper time. You boost your metabolism that way and eat healthily as well.

2Binge Watching

We all are guilty of this! With your favorite series, once you start you can’t stop. Well, it’s time to get off your lazy but and start moving.

Yes, it’s alright to enjoy an episode or two once in a while but don’t stay in the couch for hours. Balance your lifestyle. Get some rest and some activity as well. Good idea is to keep yourself moving while watching. Maybe do some light exercises or jog in place. Wash some dishes or iron some clothes. Just keep your activity level high and you’ll keep burning calories throughout your day.

3It Must Be Hunger

You hear your stomach growl and you head straight to the refrigerator and pull out a snack. Take a few seconds to figure out if it’s really hunger or just thirst. Better yet, before getting anything to eat, have a full glass of water. If that satisfies you, then you just saved yourself from taking on calories you really didn’t need. If you’re wanting some flavour, the maybe have a coffee or tea. That doesn’t have as much calories and is good for you as well.

4Food Parties

“Congratulations!!! Let’s get something to eat!!”

When something good happens, we always go for a food party. That becomes the default reward we give ourselves. That’s fine once in a while but you know it doesn’t help you get to your weight goal. The next time there’s something to celebrate, why not reward yourself with a massage or put on a good movie and have some veggie slices and yoghurt dip for a snack. There’s always a better option, you just have to choose it.

5Always On The Elevator

Why not take the stairs??

Maybe your office is on the seventh floor or your apartment is on the fourth – a good option for you would be to burn twice as much calories just by walking up using the stairs. These are little moves you can take to help your body shed the fat it needs to. A study has shown that just by simply taking the stairs every day, you can lose 18 pound in a year. Worth it??

6Work All Night

Look, working all night and cutting down on your sleeping hours will not do you any good. Sleep gives you the energy you need to make it through your day. It also keeps you thinking on your toes. Plus, best benefit, it helps you slim down. How? Lacking sleep robs you of the energy you need to keep yourself active. Your body also finds ways to compensate and usually eating more is the answer.

Want to keep yourself eating and feeling right? Have 6-8 hours of sleep per night.

7You Eat Too Quickly

So, you might be one of those people who have too much on their plate and just chow down their food like there’s no tomorrow just to get back to work. Just so you know, that could be the reason behind your belly.

It pays to take your time while eating. Your body needs at least 20 minutes to tell your brain you’ve had enough. If you’ve had everything in just five, well then you definitely didn’t get the message. Piece of advice, enjoy every bite of your meal. Have water before, during and after. Use up your 30-minute lunch break wisely and then get back to work full and satisfied.

8You Like To Go Out For Lunch

Food prepared at home is best. Why? You get to control the ingredients you use and the portions you have. Food prepared in restaurants are infused with sauces and flavours that make it high in calories. That’s why they’re so good.

Take the time to make your own meals and put together your snacks. That way, you ensure that you’re taking in all the right nutrients and are sporting a balanced diet.

9You Go For Cooking Shows

If you love watching the top chefs chop and cook their way into the hearts and tummies of their judges but don’t really attempt to cook the meals at home, then you’re safe.

Go on watching and enjoying but don’t try to pattern your new diet after what they are serving. The recipes they come up with are usually packed with ingredients that could destroy your diet. Better yet, if one dish just totally got you and you’ve got to try and recreate, pick out healthier substitutes to keep the dish diet friendly.

10You Just Won’t Stand

You need to get moving! If you’re stuck working in a desk all day, you’ve got to get creative. Take breaks in between work to move around. Grab your own coffee or deliver your own work to the boss. Stay active throughout your day and you’ll see a change in your figure in no time.

11A Proven Diet