13 Breakfasts That’ll Cut 5000 Calories Per Week

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? You can easily meet your weight loss goals with some morning healthy tricks. These substitutions inspire mindful mornings which will slim you down in no time.

1Buy Better Bagels

The bagels aren’t acceptable choice even if they are whole wheat. An average bagel is packed with 240 empty calories. Still, we offer you a compromise- buy your regular bagel thin and cut your calories count by half. You’ll save 260 calories if you eat it two times a week.

2Say Goodbye to Sugar

Two cups of coffee a day with one Sugar in the Raw packet added sums up to 280 calories per week. So, whether you drink your coffee black or splash in some milk, do yourself a favor and say goodbye to the sugar.

3Don’t Go For the Jam

A tablespoon of processed jam has 56 calories. Instead, go for real fruit. Half a cup of raspberries three times a week will save you 72 calories that you would get with a jam version.

4Get the Greek Yogurt

A cup of flavored yogurt can really get in the way of your weight-loss goals. The better option is to start your day with a Greek substitute. Making this change will save you 320 calories per week.

5Substitute Your Starbucks Order

A cup of green tea boosts your metabolism and it comes full of caffeine and it is less than 50 calories. A standard cup of caramel frappuccino has 375 more calories. This adds up to 2625 calories a week. So, if you start your day with a sugary drink, it’s time to change it with a more reasonable one.

6Get Toasty

Toast is not a totally acceptable choice even if you go for healthy toppings. A slice of whole wheat bread is 69 calories. So, if the toast is your breakfast choice, it’s time to let it go. Instead, make a meal out of it. Put a sweet potato slice into the toaster and top it like you would a piece of toast. You’ll save 483 calories.

7Avoid Sweet Cereal

The cereal box may look healthy, but the nutrition label is not always confirming the same. Next time, go for Special K Red Berries serving and cut down the calorie and sugar intake by half.

8Drink Milk With Purpose

Only one cup of milk is 103 calories. The more the milk, the more the calories. It’s not necessarily to cut the milk from your diet but try not to drink it every day. You can consume it three times a week, for example. A cup of almond milk is a great alternative with 43 fewer calories.

9Mix Up Your Meat

We all love adding some meat into our meals. However, this may be a serious mistake when it comes to breakfast. A slice of turkey bacon is rich in protein and it is only 40 calories, which make it a great choice for your morning meal. But, consuming the regular stuff at least once a week doubles that number at 50 more calories.

10Choose Different Cheese

We often use the cheese as a topping. It’s important to know that 100 grams of cream cheese os 342 calories. You can save 488 calories and add up protein if you eat the same amount of cottage cheese two times a week.

11Write Out These Waffles

Kashi’s brand of waffles has twice the fiber and 40 fewer calories. Also, their fruit is much higher up on the ingredients list. And don’t forget to choose a healthy topping by your liking.

12Avoid These Oats

Don’t be fooled by the oatmeals that are specialized in weight control. You should avoid such flavored oats and stay simple. You can add toppings of fruits and nuts later. By choosing organic instant oatmeal you will save up to 160 calories.

13Keep Things Simple & Consistent