10 Secrets To Get Beach Body Ready Fast – Fat Melting Exercise Routine Included!

Summer’s on the way and it’s time to get beach body ready! It’s the hottest season of the year and the time when it’s best to dress up. You exchange your big, bulky clothing for the lighter, cooler outfits. We all know, though, that to look your best you need to be in the right shape. That can be the difficult part.

If summer approached too quickly and one morning you found yourself surprised to find out that the season has already arrived, don’t worry! It isn’t too late. If you are willing to adjust your lifestyle and make all the right changes to your diet, you can still sport the awesome summer body you planned to in no time.

Nope, wait a minute! Continue reading before you start doing those sit-ups. You don’t have to die in the gym and starve yourself just yet. We have 10 simple steps for you to follow to help you slim down and get back into shape.

1But First, Water

During the hotter months of the year, we tend to sweat a lot more than normal. Don’t start jumping for joy just yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing weight. But you’re definitely losing water which your body is made up of mostly. That’s how important it is. It is necessary for all the body processes including digestion.

Rehydrate yourself first thing in the morning and feel the boost in your metabolism and promote proper digestion in your body.

2Good Day, Sunshine

Want to lose weight with zero effort? Well, get some sunshine early in the morning to start the process.

Studies have shown that getting more exposure to sunlight can lead to you having a lower body mass index despite what you’re eating. That’s because early morning sunshine can reduce appetite and make for a regular sleep cycle which both help in weight loss. Also, it is believed to that having your meal in well-lit places can make you choose healthier food. Try this out now while the summer heat is on.

3Green Tea Goodness

Say bye-bye! to your Frappuccino and iced lattes and say hello to the awesome goodness of green tea. Not only is this drink high in anti-oxidants, but it contains an incredible number of vitamins and nutrients for the body. It also has a substance called EGCG that boosts the metabolism. Switch it up and you’ll start ridding your body of excess weight.

4Fresh Is Best

Definitely is! Head to your local market and go for a variety of your fresh fruits and vegetables. Having them throughout your day provides you with good nutrition and aides in your bowel movement as well because they are fibre-rich. Fresh green salads, sliced up fruit bowls and yummy green smoothies are all different ways to have them. Check out what’s in season and go for that.

5Overnight Oats

We love this! Mixing in oats, chia seeds, almond milk, some nuts, bananas, strawberries, dark chocolate chips on a Mason jar and leaving it to sit in the ref overnight…Oh my goodness! The best breakfast ever! It tastes like chunky ice-cream, but in this case, all healthy yumminess.

Come up with your own recipes for overnight oats and you’ll enjoy it. You won’t be hungry for a while because oats take longer to digest keeping you satisfied for hours. Plus, the fibre found in it serves as a natural cleanser so don’t be surprised if you find yourself heading to bathroom short after your meal.

6Grow Your Garden

I guess all the bending, tending and watering does you more good because research has found that those who grow their own gardens are significantly lighter than those who don’t. It’s a really good reason to start if you haven’t. Plus, it adds so much beauty to your kitchen. Having the look and the aroma of your herb garden sitting by your small window adds so much charm to the room. And whenever you need it, it can make your meals so much better as well.

7Smart Snacking

So, you’re already eating 3 nutritious meals a day but you still haven’t got that body you’ve been dreaming of. What could you be doing wrong?

Think of the snacks you have in between your meals. Are they nutritious as well? They matter as much. Keep your munchies healthy. Choose a bowl of fruits or a light salad to satisfy you and keep you going. Cut the crap out of your diet and you’ll see the difference.

8Tomatoes Are Love

Whether you have them on a salad, cooked on a dish or just on its own, tomatoes are one of the most nutritious and delicious snacks you can possibly have – plus they can help you lose the extra pounds. They are known to reduce the inflammation and water retention in the body. They add fibre and Vitamin C and A to your daily meals. They are packed with a nutrient called lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant and keeps the heart healthy. All of those benefits in one juicy tomato. Time to incorporate them into your daily diet.

9Dress Before Breakfast

Research has shown that dressing up before having breakfast is a good way to encourage you to choose your meal wisely. How?

We all want to look good in what we wear. Dressing up before having your first meal for the day encourages you to think of what you eat and the portions you have as well. Taking care of your outward appearance is a good reminder for you to take care of your inner self as well.

10Add Some Spice To Your Life

Yes, it’s hot! We know. However, don’t let the heat stop you from adding some spice to your diet. Chilli is a great source of a nutrient called capsaicin which aides in fat burning and speeding up your metabolism. Also, when you eat a lot of spice, you drink a lot of water. Good trick, huh! Make your meals a little spicier and see your waistline shrink.

Stay Simple And Consistent