13 Secret NO-GYM Fat Loss Tips For Women

Maybe you were a gym rat until you got promoted and your work now takes over all your free time or you have never had a gym membership- whatever the case is, it shouldn’t stop you from reaching your weight loss goals. Hitting the gym is a great weight to slim down and stay fit, but it isn’t the only one. You just have to be more mindful of every environment you are in and add a simple fitness spin on your everyday routine.  You’ll be burning calories without even realizing!

1Pick up the Pace

Maybe you don’t have enough time to hit the gym, but you sure can squeeze in a few walks in the week. Taking a walk can burn more calories than you can imagine. And if you speed your walk from 3.5 MPH to 4, you’ll burn extra 1200 calories a month. So, partner up, put a leash on your dog or go on your own- it takes only 20 minutes a day.

2Get Under the Sheets

Researchers of the University of Michigan found out that women burn off 69 calories and men 100 during a sex session. So, you don’t have to even leave your bed and still lose weight. Get turned on and send the scale down!

3Sleep it off

If you’re not getting enough sleep, you are probably not burning enough calories. A study in Sleep showed that a lack of sleeping leads to more weight gain because well-rested people are more likely to resist junk food. So, sleep it off and keep your calorie count under control.

4Eat at Home

Meeting your friend for dinner might seem like a good idea after an intense workout. However, if you haven’t had a workout session, too many restaurant dates may lead to serious waist widening. A Journal of the American of Nutrition and Dietetics study showed that an average restaurant meal is 1205 calories. So, it’s a better idea to spend some time in the kitchen and prepare yourself a tasty and healthy meal. You’ll be in control of ingredients and portion sizes, thus consuming fewer calories.

5Tigh Bands

Don’t let your desk job to deter you from dropping the number on the scale. You can exercise while sitting. Just use a tigh band while you’re on a computer and sculpt your body. Make sure you are eating well, too so that you don’t undo your hard work.

6Take the Other Road to Work

You can cut calories on your commute. Zuta Gilchriest, Regional Group Fitness Director of HY CRUNCH gums, says that it’s a great idea to park your car few blocks away or get off your train one stop before the usual and walk to your workplace from there. And avoid the elevator and hit the stairs instead.

7Get on Your Feet

Typing when you’re standing is just as easy as when you’re sitting. The only difference is you’re burning a lot more calories. Dave Colina, certified CrossFit trainer, Krav Maga instructor, and founder of formula O2, recommends experimenting with a standing desk if you are spending your day in front of a computer. You can DIY one by propping your computer up on a stack of books.

8Weigh Yourself Down

Turn your grocery day into leg day by putting a little more effort into your errands with a pair of ankle weights. You can burn calories as you shop no matter if you’re in a mall or supermarket. Nadia Murdoc, a fitness coach says that another alternative is a weighted vest that enables you to increase and decrease the weight from day to day.

9Dance a Little

Start dancing! You can head to the club, sign up for a class, or break out your best moves in the living room- the choice is yours. Dancing is a great way to get your heart pumping. It’s a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. A study conducted by the University of Brighton found out that certain dance types like swing or contemporary can even burn more calories than a run.

10Clean up Your House

Cleaning will make both your house and your body look better. You just have to stay mindful about your movements when doing the cleaning. When you bend over the tub or a dustpan make sure you clench your core. Stand on your toes when you are washing the dishes. Michelle Opperman, Group Fitness Manager of Crunch in New Montgomery advises to balance on one foot when wiping down sinks, counters, and walls and ensure you are doing both sides.

11Start Gardening

You can burn 100 calories by gardening for only 22 minutes if you weigh 175 pounds. You can burn calories at a faster pace if you weigh more than that. And while you’re at it, plant some veggies and herbs that will help you with your healthy meal preparations.

12Have a Spa Day

Maybe you don’t have time for a gym session, but you surely can squeeze a massage into your schedule. Not only it’s relaxing, but it brings you a healthier lifestyle. Researchers from Ohio State University found out that women who are more accepting of their bodies are more likely to keep their nutritious diet consistent. It also leads to smarter and healthier choices during the week. Not less important, you’ll be less stressed. A study in Obesity made a connection between higher stress hormones and a larger BMI and waist.

13Stay Simple And Consistent